ISLAMABAD (APP) - The press preview of an exhibition carrying Arif Khan's calligraphic paintings held at Nomad Art Gallery, Saidpur Village. The exhibition titled 'Mystics Rituals' carrying 38 exquisite art pieces will open on January 6 and will continue till January 26. Arif Khan, a Lahore based artist, through inherited creative ability and strong skills always mesmerized his audience with his calligraphic master pieces. The stunning calligraphic paintings showing his insight into spiritualism captivated the visitors. The beautifully picturised names of Allah Almighty again and again in his paintings reveal his tendency toward mysticism. The artist himself says, "I love to write the name of Allah Almighty". To him, the objective of his work is to "Portray God not as a tyrant waiting to condemn us but Merciful, Beautiful and Forgiving". There is a calm musical quality in his text which is rendered on textured surface through which the white paper reflects like streaks on sharp light. The monogramatic colours are very dominant in his work. His letters and words are not distorted even though at places he has used light and shade , giving it an elusive magical quality but not ambiguity. Reviving the old spirit of traditional art, the artist has added a new dimension to his calligraphic work through using different colours especially red, blue and green. Director Nomad Art Gallery, Nageen Hayat said that the calligraphic work of Arif Khan is an amalgamation of traditional and modern art. There is almost an elusive quality in his work as the forms appear and diminish from haze of colours. Arif Khan has used ink and water colours on 'Wasli' which again are traditional methods of calligraphy. He uses the circular 'nukta' which is placed at the pause of each sentence as a decoration of some of the images. He uses classical styles of calligraphy including Kufic, tthuluth and 'nastaliq'in his work. There is an inter-related rhythm and harmony in his calligraphy surpassing all tangibility and creating a wholesome sense of spirituality which emerges on his 'Wasli'. A sound understanding of design and an aesthetic sensibility emanate from the 38 calligraphic forms on display and the spontaneous flow in his lines add beauty to his work. In various pieces, the artist portrayed a small stamp like picture carrying the whole picture of exhibition.