THE PPP is no doubt up against a number of odds, most of which revolve around matters of governance, but another factor that might be eating the party like a termite is that of internal rifts. At present the PPP, because of non-implementation of its manifesto, is facing two sorts of dissidents within the party. First there are people who are of the view that the PPP has veered off track in the wake of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and that the party now constitutes the friends and associates of President Asif Zardari. Second, there are certain diehards who would probably not leave the party because of their allegiance to Ms Bhutto, but they are critical of the present leadership for not fulfilling the promises made to the electorate during the election campaign. The PPP top brass should give a serious thought to what Naheed Khan and her husband Dr Safdar Abbasi, another party leader, said in a press conference on Sunday; as in their prescription lies the secret of the party's unity. Both of them aired their grievances that not only the gap between the PPP and the public was widening but highlighted the fact that resentment among the masses was increasing because the killers of Ms Bhutto were still at large and the government had still not initiated a probe. Besides, the PPP's foot-dragging on issues like the Charter of Democracy and the judges' restoration, are factors that could force many to rethink their allegiance to the party.