PPP is the only political party in Pakistan, which truly represents the poor. It has a socialist manifesto that speaks for rights of the laborers, peasants and the oppressed classes. Z.A. Bhutto was the first one in Pakistan's history to have introduced the land reforms. He slashed large landholdings and distributed the land so accrued among the poor Harris of Sindh and Punjab. Bhutto's policies were carried forward by first BB and now the present PPP government. Bhutto tried to break the shackles of feudalism in Pakistan despite being himself a feudal. Bhutto formulated policies of land reforms and nationalization simply to end economic disparities in our society. His party, the PPP, has the responsibility of acting as the custodian of the rights of the oppressed people. While it is true that PPP has many feudal landlords in its ranks but these stalwarts are also committed to the same thoughts and agenda that Bhutto preached. -MUHAMMAD SHAHZAD, Lahore, via e-mail, December 31.