LAHORE - At the public and the intellectual level of the City, Israeli atrocities against the innocent Palestinians are being perceived as a part of the forward movement of the anti-Muslim policies to make their existence meaningless. People from various sections of the society are tremendously perturbed by the brutalities they are witnessing through media against the Palestinians, particularly on children and women, and a lukewarm response by the Muslim states and see it a clarion call for others after Israel, India and America have joined hands for their collective interests. A senior professor and a political analyst shared a common view that India, which has renewed its hostility against Pakistan, must be taking a lead from Israeli aggression on Palestinians to study its strategy on establishing its hegemony in the region. India is getting more encouraged by what Israel has done in Gaza and would not miss this opportunity to put more pressure on Pakistan and go more threatening against it. The professor says Israel and India with combined interests now are sailing in same boat being pushed by America which standing at a supra position has its own global interests which it believes, would be largely facilitated by their activity. He says both the countries are in a hurry to level ground against their 'common enemy' before the new US president would assume charge of the office. And before that, Israel has taken initiative to assess reaction that who comes to the help of the bleeding Palestinians while India is warming up to show to the new US administration Pakistan's face besmeared by terrorism just to remain in the good books of America and continue to have an upper hand on the thorny issues like Kashmir, for the solution of which Barrack Obama has also given a call. The Palestinian Hamas was declared terrorist by the United Nations, but look at the innocent faces of the kids and the women being killed by the Israeli aggression to know if they look terrorists by any way, he says, adding in the modern day international politics, self interests precede every value and human feelings but the Muslims rulers are short of understanding them. The situation is not that could be ignored by Pakistan in view of the fact, when India has already passed the threats of surgical strikes and had still maintained a very harsh tone to seek custody of the persons it has listed a terrorists operation in India from Pakistan. The analyst says India in fact is out to enlarge its stature at international level the same way America has done. This, he adds, would yield it the benefits of putting its own problems in the dark at the international level. He says going by this design, a strong and stable Pakistan possessing nuclear capability in its neighbour is not only affordable to India but also to Israel and America who reckon any politically and militarily powerful Muslim country a threat to their designs particularly to capture resources of the Arabs and those in other parts. In case of Pakistan, America and Israel get more worried when they see Iran in its neighbouring emerging as another powerful Muslim country with a hostile agenda against the both and Pakistan cementing ties with China. Most of the interacting people estimate the situation serious find unity of the Muslim countries a big stride to put weight against what has been planned against them. The need of the unity, they believe, is only viable solution especially when they have already wasted away much of their resources and time on other things instead of using them on the common benefit of the Muslim community. Secretary Lahore High Court Bar Association Rana Asadullah Khan giving his input says, now the Muslims must open their eyes when even the OIC and European Union cannot advance more than passing lip service against the aggression on Muslims. He says time is fast slipping out of hand and whatever has to be done must be done immediately. The Muslims, he said, are in a deep slumber the reason being their rulers, who he added, are monarch or are in aristocratic pattern raised or installed by the Western World after World War II to safeguard its vested interests. He believes the Muslim as community cannot get their problems solved unless they are able to get rid of these type of rulers otherwise sitting ducks are available to be killed on their turn.