KARACHI - The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (Unisame) has urged the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (Smeda) to come up with plan for profitable self-employment occupations for overseas Pakistanis who are losing their jobs due to recession and are planning to come back to Pakistan with their lifetime savings. President Unisame Zulfikar Thaver invited the attention of SMEDA to the fact that many Pakistanis are losing their jobs due to downsising by foreign financial and commercial institutions and are returning home with hopes that they could do their own small business to earn their living successfully. He mentioned that the Union has received many enquiries from prospective investors who are asking about Smeda and what it does for new comers and whether it is aware of the fact that those who have lost their jobs are desperately looking out for occupation for income generation as other jobs are difficult to find as employers are cutting down their expenses and only self employment is the answer to unemployment. He further said that Smeda should organise training programmes for returning Pakistanis and arrange incubation programs for small investors and provide vocational guidance in different fields of services, trading and industry to accommodate victims of recession. Moreover, he said their are many avenues in services, trade and industry and Smeda should identify profitable ventures in agro based industries, energy, foodstuffs, leather and synthetics especially value addition items of produce goods where much can be done to achieve desired targets and also prove feasible for new comers in business, Unisame President stated that there is room for value addition in many commodities namely spices, wheat, rice, pulses, vegetables, fruits and flowers and Smeda can play an important role in imparting education and give guidance to prospective investors who are seriously looking for opportunities.