ISLAMABAD- As many as 82 suspected terrorists have been arrested from the capital territory in recent past and police received 398 threats out of which 391 threats were averted by the proactive approach. This was stated by Inspector General of Islamabad Police (IGP) Syed Kaleem Imam here on Tuesday while addressing the business community at the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI). He said 82 terrorists were arrested in Islamabad which is the largest capture throughout Pakistan and which shows the good performance of Islamabad Police. The IGP said 41 policemen lost their lives while performing in the line of duty. He appreciated Prime Minister of Pakistan for announcing a package for the policemen who sacrificed their life while fighting against terrorists and said this gesture will further encourage the police force to perform more effectively. He assured the business community that ICT police would take every possible measure to address all problems being faced by them as the business community playing a vital role in promoting the local economy. He said Islamabad has 165 entry points and efforts will be made to cover most of these points with scanners, detectors and other gadgets to proactively stop acts of terrorism. For this purpose, latest technology will be imported in collaboration with NADRA to track down the miscreants. He said private security companies would train their guards at the Police Training Centers so that they could provide well-trained guards to business houses. He said after 9/11, all focus reverted to Islamabad and our police faced a new kind of challenge where terrorists did not hesitate in destroying their own lives. He said this is a big challenge and though the Police is short of resources, it is fully committed to tackle this menace. He asked the business community to install more cameras in markets and help the Police in tracking down terrorists and other culprits. In his welcome address, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry President Zahid Maqbool said rising acts of terrorism are damaging business activities and discouraging investment, therefore, the Police should take measures to curb this trend. He also called for equal application of traffic rules on all. He added that only those schools should be allowed to function that own buses for pick and drop of students in order to discourage the one child one car culture as it is creating a lot of traffic problems in Islamabad. The ICCI President said Thana culture should also be made more people friendly so that people could come to Police Stations without any hesitation, for resolution of their problems.