PESHAWAR Most of the American government officials working in Pakistan have arrived here without getting proper visas, a senior security official on condition of anonymity told TheNation here on Tuesday. They have stopped seeking permission from Foreign Office before leaving the City for another, the official said. He said many American officials detained briefly on suspicion by police lacked any endorsement made in their passports by competent authority allowing the bearers to enter Pakistan. The foreigners apparently engaged in war against terror have some other motives, which are contrary to the national interests of Pakistan, an intelligence official told TheNation. Gone are the days when foreigners, especially those from Western countries, would ask permission from Foreign Office to visit another city, he said. They consider Pakistan as a state where every law can be violated easily. Top political leaders seem more interested in serving US interests than locals who elected them to the corridors of power. Every American working in Pakistan on whatever assignment gives false appearance of being a diplomat that amounts to deceit, he said. They carry weapons, bombs, and fake number plates but a criminal case has never been registered against them. Brief detention by police is a ploy to please masses that are against increasing US involvement in important matters, he added. Officials of other western countries are following suit which is a great insult to sovereignty, integrity and self-respect to the government as well as people of Pakistan, he added. Elaborating about the visa issue, he said that Americans land at airport from where they call Interior Ministry and that is all. The FIA officials take care of the rest. Their documents, passports, and baggage are not checked. They are escorted safely to US embassy or to the destination of their choice. Soldiers of fortune belonging to notorious Blackwater (XE Worldwide) enjoy the status that is equal to diplomats guaranteed by Vienna Convention which is a national shame, security sources said. West is subjecting Pakistanis to stringent checks and procedures on the command of US and our people living there are facing 9/11 everyday, while we are relaxing every rule and regulation for them which is a disgraceful act, a top official remarked when asked for a comment. They are just scaring and killing Pakistanis across the world and in their own countries, he added. The attitude of important politicians is adding to US influence in our internal matters which is very dangerous for future of the motherland, he further said. When contacted, the press attachT of US Embassy Richard Snelsire said that all US diplomats and US government personnel enter Pakistan with valid visas issued by the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All US diplomats and US government personnel go through immigration on arrival and are subject to the same checks in customs that all diplomats from all other countries are subjected to pursuant to the Vienna Convention, he said. This is also true for Pakistani diplomats in the United States. All US diplomats have their passports stamped on arrival in Pakistan just as other passengers do, he said. He said US diplomats are required to notify the Government of Pakistan when travelling to certain parts of Pakistan and they do. By contrast, Pakistani diplomats are allowed to travel freely in the United States without notifying the United States government, he added. However, a senior official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, when contacted, did not deny the developments. Requesting anonymity he said that many high-level meetings have taken place to discuss these issues. There are various matters which have been taken up on different levels and we hope that all outstanding issues will be resolved in a few weeks time, he said. We are also dealing with Ministry of Interior for streamlining things, he added without elaborating his point.