THE USA has promulgated new security regulations for international arrivals at US airports, after the Christmas Day attempt in Amsterdam allegedly to bomb an airliner scheduled to arrive in Detroit, calling for body searches of arrivals from a number of Muslim countries, and Cuba. Most surprising is that Pakistan is one of the countries included in the list, for a number of reasons, not least that Pakistan is a frontline state in the War on Terror that has made these measures feel needed. Then there is the issue of the large number of Pakistanis who live and work in the USA, who will have a further humiliation, and an inconvenient one at that, added to their lives. This step exposes the anti-Muslim Christian Zionist mentality that is behind the War, and the Crusader spirit in which it is being pursued, and how it is being twisted to work against Muslims, no matter what side they are on in the War on Terror. The new measure targets arrivals from 14 countries, including Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. This alone should show the apologists for the USA that abound within the present government, that cooperation leads only to humiliation. The perpetual stream of Americans who come to Islamabad should no longer get the red carpet treatment. After all, measures are supposed to be reciprocal, and there must be some Pakistani response to these measures. As a matter of fact, Pakistan has not even responded verbally, as Nigeria has. Not only must the Pakistan government issue a response and take up the matter at the highest level, but the treatment given to Americans visiting Pakistan should be revised to reflect the new reality. At the same time, the government must review the relationship it has with the USA, so as to develop a policy more in consonance with the wishes of the Pakistani people. Apart from these bilateral measures, Pakistan must actively seek out the other affected countries, and concert measures with them on handling the situation, both with reference to their respective nationals travelling to the USA, and American arrivals, for any purpose, not just official. Pakistan should also raise the matter at the next OIC summit. Admittedly, the OIC may not be more than a talking shop, and raising an issue involving the USA may be disturbing for the members, but since almost all the countries listed are OIC members, the issue should be raised there, even though the OIC took no action when the USA invaded two of its members. It is unlikely that the USA would want the matter raised at the UN, which is an alternative that Pakistan should explore, along with the remaining affected countries.