With political temperatures rising high, the political landscape of Pakistan is becoming highly-incendiary. This is the Pakistani version of global warming .If sanity does not prevail and necessary steps not taken in the right earnest, I am afraid the inevitable, whatever that means, is bound to happen. A cursory look at our past would show that our political class is determined to repeat history. The question, naturally, comes to mind that who is likely to gain from the political stampede that would result from the political debate becoming increasingly nasty? It is not hard to guess identity of the winners of this tug of war. The terrorists must be jubilant over the manifest inability of our political class to unite the nation behind the war on terror. It is obvious that the terrorists would have the last laugh if the nation remains divided as it is. We are about to offer victory to terrorists on a silver platter but is anybody worried by this grim possibility? A nation that cannot agree on a constitution is no match for challenges of the post-modern world. My repeated offers to provide some insight and input to counter this imminent disaster have fallen on deaf ears. I am, thus, left with no option but to pray for my country and invoke the blessings of God for souls of the martyrs of democracy. My countrymen may be racing blindly towards a zero sum scenario that could have green easily turned into a win-win equation if we had put our heads and shoulders together. -B. A. MALIK, Islamabad, January 3