The PPP chairman and, therefore, a partisan President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, recently revealed that "spirits of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto spoke through him". That sounded like an episode from some ancient Hindu, Greek or Mayan idol-worshiping mythology. But if we were to suspend disbelief for a moment or two, the 'spirits' did a great national disservice when they recently spoke through Mr Zardari. The targets of the 'spirits', unfortunately, were the Supreme Court, Armed Forces, Opposition, et al. And strangely for those from the heavenly abodes, their message was clear only about one worldly thing; no one should dare pursue recovery of their dollars in the Swiss bank accounts. Mr Zardari's party minions, cronies and the sycophants of various ilk gathered around him threatened to break legs, break Pakistan, sinking all (imaginary) opponents into sea on this singularly central issue. One minister from Sindh went to the extent of revealing the plans of sedition they had harboured in 1977 and on Benazir's death, whose FIR the PPP is still loathes to lodge. There is, however, the pertinent question that if the 'spirits' do speak through the living, then whose spirits spoke through mssrs Zulfikar Mirza, Jehangir Badar, Raja Riaz and co. Their venomous outbursts hit the very foundation of Pakistan. -H. SHAH, Jhang, January 3