Our honorable ruling troika of Asif Zardari, Yousaf Reza Gilani and Rehman Malik has ruled us so well our heads are held high in pride. Initially when the evidence of Indian interference in Balochistan and rest of the country came to light, they did not say a word about India. But as the evidence of Indian backing to terrorism in Pakistan grew every day and everyone was pointing a finger at India, our leaders slowly began whispering the name of India too, albeit reluctantly. But their voices have been pitched so low and the manner so timid that their message is barely audible. The President is generally quite vocal and speaks specially blunt when it comes to major institutions of Pakistan. He does so always in an implied manner, though. And on India, he does not say a word. The PM is too weak to name India with any degree of confidence. The same is true of the Minister Interior too who, sometimes, even resorts to defending India, instead of blaming India for terrorism in Pakistan. One wonders why? -MOHIUDDIN NOORANI KHWAJA, Faisalabad, January 5