MIRPUR (AJK) - Affectees of Mangla Dam raising project protested against inauguration of the project before completion of their rehabilitation. They chanted slogans against Wapda for its sheer negligence and failure in the completion of process of rehabilitation of over 1.25million affectees falling dislocated due to raising of the dam. They said there was no justification of inauguration of the project since the process for rehabilitation and resettlement of over 12,000 families comprising over 1.25million affectees could not yet be started so far. They pointed out that it was strange that even the residential plots could not be made by Wapda in its much-publicised under-construction new residential sites meant for affectees. They feared that the water level in Mangla Dam will be required to be raised by 40 feet after completion of the raising project. They maintained that after the reported inauguration of the raising project, the raising of the water level will obviously be exercised by Wapda, which they vowed, will not be allowed at any cost unless the rehabilitation of thousands of families falling displaced was completed.