The newspapers of Sunday carried two stories prominently, on front and back page, about two federal ministers appearing in the lower courts. The Interior minister Malik Rehman was responding to the ordinary summons of the court, and appeared promptly sans any protocol or security. The Minister for Water & Power, Raja Pervez Ashraf, did not even bother. Consequently, the court had to issue warrants for his arrest for subsequent production in court. I think this is may be the second or third time that a court had to issue such a warrant for him. The minister is not only defying the judiciary rather openly but is also, quite surprisingly, able to allude even sleuths of our world-renowned police. Or shall we say, that the police is not quite doing its job in this case? My sincere request to the honourable court is not to make a mockery of itself, or the institution of judiciary, by issuing warrants like this that are unlikely to be implemented. They should resign themselves to helplessness in face of the inevitable and wait till the gentleman (?) is out of power, which he, incidentally, should have been by now as he had assured the nation many times to resign by the end of December if the loadshedding is not stopped. -COL (Rtd) RIAZ JAFRI, Rawalpindi, January 3.