Recently, it was reported that Imran Khan, the chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), is ready to convene an All Parties Conference on framing a new anti-terrorism strategy. He says Taliban are ready for talks and it is now up to the government to seize the opportunity. There is no doubt about the fact that Pakistan is at the knife' edge right now and we desperately need to come up with a formula of peace for our survival. The enormity of the crisis demands that the government must take both short and long-term decisions and hedge itself against new threats. On the other hand, few political parties in this country can claim to have clean hands when it comes to dealing with one another. What the parties need most is to demonstrate that they can bury the past and genuinely work with one another towards institutional stability. Politics, of course, is art of the possible. But for it to work, the politicians at the helms of affairs have to acquit themselves like true leaders. Wisdom of the ages suggests it is better to talk things over than to fight over them; a fight hurts both sides. Imran Khan has rightly said that dialogue is the countervailing force to extremism in this part of the world. So by responding positively to the clarion call he is making, other politicians of our country should also give peace a chance. After all, cooperation strengthens democracy and conflicts weaken it. The evil of infighting has hurt Pakistan enough in past. Let us brush aside our differences, sit together for a dialogue on the table and find out ways and means to a peaceful solution to the current political turmoil in Pakistan. -RAFAT MAHMOOD ANSARI, Islamabad, January 3