ISLAMABAD In an ostensible move to mend the tainted image of President Asif Ali Zardari following the NRO saga, Pakistan Peoples Party has decided to get a resolution passed from the National Assembly in the upcoming session in his favour, sources in the party disclosed to TheNation on Tuesday. These sources informed that after declaration of NRO void ab initio by the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the issue of reopening of the cases withdrawn under NRO both within the country and outside Pakistan, President Zardari came under sharp criticism from all quarters and his public image was distorted to a great extent. Although President Zardari has immunity against any sort of criminal proceedings against him till the time he is President of Pakistan, yet his credibility has suffered serious jolts. The PPP has decided to bring a resolution in the Parliament in favour of President Zardari to give him moral support and rebuild his public image that was shaken due to reopening of the corruption cases against him and his close confederates. The sources in the party informed that before bringing the resolution in the National Assembly, all the four provincial assemblies would adopt resolutions in favour of him and repose their confidence in him. In this connection, Balochistan and NWFP Assemblies have adopted resolutions in favour of Zardari and this trend would be followed by Sindh. It is not yet clear whether or not Punjab Assembly would adopt such a resolution. Finally, the resolution would be tabled in the National Assembly in favour of President Zardari to give him moral support.