PEOPLE from around the world and the Kashmiris celebrated Self-determination day across the line of control yesterday to remind the international community and the UN to honour its promise to liberate the valley from the tyrannical Indian yoke through a free and impartial plebiscite. The protest rallies and hordes of people who took to the streets and chanted slogans against the illegal Indian occupation gave a clear message to New Delhi that it is only a question of time when it would have to surrender to the will and indefatigable resolve of the Kashmiri people. Hence, the world community must realise that India, which keeps on harping on the theme of Kashmir as its integral part, has virtually got the whole valley against it. But more than that it is obligatory upon it to see to it that the UN Security Council resolutions drawn up in 1948 are implemented in letter and in spirit. It is high time that Kashmiris who have suffered endlessly at the hands of the Indian security forces, were given the right to decide their fate through the mechanism of a plebiscite supervised by the UN. Of late, there has been some talk of giving more autonomy to Kashmir by making modifications in the Indian constitution and restoration of the valley's pre-1953 status. But this step alone would not suffice. The Kashmiris have made it clear time and again that the most important thing they value is their freedom from Indian tyranny. The world community and the Security Council must know that ignoring this core issue is something they can ill-afford. Friendly relations between India and Pakistan depend on the resolution of the issue in line with the wishes of the people. Realising the seriousness of the issue, it was New Delhi itself, which had first taken the dispute to the UN, but unfortunately it gave priority to suppressing the freedom movement through the use of brute force. There have been three major wars but the next confrontation between the two states that are now nuclear armed could be disastrous. Future prospect for South Asian peace seems bleak. An amicable solution must be definitely found out.