LAHORE Punjab Governor Salman Taseer said on Tuesday that the issue of third term of the prime minister was irrelevant to the PPP for the time being, as this may be a problem for it after PM Gilani and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari would have enjoyed their respective two terms as prime minister. Addressing party workers at Governors House at a function held to mark the 82nd birthday celebrations of party founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the Governor said PM Gilani would be elected for another term in 2013, and then it would be the turn of Bilawal Bhutto, who would also complete his two terms. He reiterated that those waiting for the 'third term must show patience and wait for their turn, which, he believed, was not on the cards. The Governor said it was strange to see people raising hue and cry in either case about President Zardaris remaining in Presidency and his staying outside. He said that the President would come to Lahore very soon, as he had already visited Karachi and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. He said that people opposed to president Zardari were actually afraid of him and democracy. Taseer said some people have made it a habit to taunt him for wearing the 'black spectacles, but they must know that he could see everything happening around whether or not he wore them. He said cases registered against the PPP leaders were politically motivated. He said the predictions about fall of government in December have already been proved false and now they are giving fresh deadlines, which would also meet the same fate. He said the historic NFC Award was a gift of the democratic government to the nation. He said the previous regime could not develop consensus over the NFC issue despite having its own chief ministers in all the four provinces. The Governor affirmed that historians would record the achievements of the present democratic government in golden words. Lauding the services of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Taseer said it was unprecedented that even the opponents of late Bhutto would praise his leadership qualities.