LAHORE - President PPP (Shaheed Bhutto) and head of Pak-India Peoples Forum, Dr Mubashir Hasan has said that peace efforts are not meeting any success due to weak governments in India and Pakistan. Addressing a news conference at Lahore Press Club on Tuesday, he said that whenever the two governments came close to some settlement, there happened some unfortunate incident, thus marring any further progress on peace talks. We witnessed Kargil episode when Nawaz Sharif and Vajpayee were close to signing some agreement. Similarly, Mumbai blasts took place when the two countries were heading towards some settlement on Kashmir issue, he lamented. Dr Mubashir was of the view that armies in the two countries did not want to fight against each other; rather, they wanted a role in making of civilian governments in their respective countries. He said the time had long passed when a country would occupy another country by force. He stressed upon governments in India and Pakistan to spend their respective defence budgets on the welfare of their people to raise their standard of life. He informed that 70 per cent people in Pakistan and 66 per cent population in India was desirous of friendly relations between the two countries. Talking about Kashmir issue, he said that people in both countries were in favour of eliminating the Line of Control to allow free movement of Kashmiris in the entire region. The two countries should now understand that they would have to take Kashmiris on board while finding a solution to the disputed territory, he said while replying to a question.