It is beyond belief that 'Somali pirates' are hijacking ships in the waters manned by world class navies and with such ease that they seem better trained than most in the international maritime security. The dangerous thing about these pirates is that the money they are getting may land into hands of the terrorists like Taliban and Al-Qaida. There seems to be some kind conspiracy behind all this otherwise how can the shirtless Somalis turn into pirates of the high seas that can intercept a ship moving 1200 km away from the Somali coastline? Even more surprising is that no solution is being proposed for this menace. I think it would be a good idea if all the merchant ships carrying cargo and oil be modified to carry one or two long-range gunship helicopters as well as some combat vessels carrying long range guns. The gunship helicopters should carry out reconnaissance up to 75 km around the merchant ships and if they find any suspicious speedboat in that area, it should be shot down. -ZAFAR ISRAR, Karachi, January 2