KARACHI A large number of flood affectees are still living in unhygienic condition with insufficient food and under the open sky in camps in cold weather at the outskirts of city, but government authorities have no care of their miseries. The flood affectees also staged a protest against lack of facilities in relief camps outside the Karachi Press Club on Wednesday. Shah Muhammad, Nazir Ahmed, Akbar Ali, Gul Sher and others said that presently a large number of about 10,000 flood affectees of different areas of interior Sindh living in Keamari and other outskirts of city. They shared hardships being faced by them camps since long for appropriate action and measures to provide immediate remedy without discrimination and delay. They said that since flood disaster affected our lives we feel ourselves alone at all levels. Being citizens and pillars of economy, the Government did not pay due attention to resolve our grievances nor any appropriate initiates have been taken to meditate our hardships and worries even months have been gone. They expressed their surprise over the claims of government about steps taken by government for rehabilitation of flood affectees but on ground we do not receive and immediate support as yet. The selected groups of persons are being furnished and accommodated who have belongings with feudal lords of the areas. , most of families who have been financed/ accommodated are already rich and well established residing already in big cities but their National Identity Cards bear address of those areas which become victim of flood. Very little number of genuine flood affectees had also been accommodated, they alleged. Sharing the bitterness and difficulties, they said that tents provided at camp became damaged due to heavy breezing, due to which our infants and women suffered from climate change diseases in winter season. There in 500 tents 5000 persons are living in the camps without any adequate arrangements of medicines, food, employment, wear and tear under open sky, they pointed out, adding that despite approach to government officials for redressing our grievances but everyone only put us to false promises without initiating due and proper action. In their appeal to the President and Prime Minister, they urged for prompt remedy enabling them to stand on their foot by providing all possible assistance for rehabilitation. Meanwhile, two newborns died here at IDPs Tent Village in Kemari Town due to absence of timely maternity help available to them within the vicinity, said Roshni Helpline, which is partner with the Islamabad-based NGO Potohar Organisation for Development Advocacy (PODA) in a Psychosocial Programme at the Camp. Quoting the statement of the parents, Roshni Helpline said that the women were taken to nearby hospitals but they were refused help because they did not have money to pay their treatment expenses. The women were shifted back to the tents where they delivered the babies without supervision a qualified gynaecologist or midwife. One family that hails from Shahdadkot told that her baby girl was delivered at 06:00 a.m. Monday morning and died next day morning, because it was too weak and needed intensive care. The family neither had money to pay their hospitals expenses nor knowledge and expertise to take care of the child. Doctors at a nearby hospital told them that the child needed blood and should be kept in the intensive care unit, but since they did not have money to pay for the bills they shifted the child back to the tent where she died the next morning (Tuesday). Another family from the same area (Shahdadkot) told RH that their child (also girl) did within two hours of her birth, as there was no maternity advice or help available to them immediately. The woman was advised by doctors at a nearby hospital that she did not need an immediate maternity help and there was time left in delivery, but as soon as family reached their tent the child was delivered. The child died after two hours. The condition of the woman also got serious but later she managed to recover on her own. Now she is in stable condition. It is pertinent to mention that Roshni Helpline and PODA, which have Women Friendly Spaces (WFS) and Children Friendly Spaces (CFS) running at the Camp, carried out a volunteer survey. According to findings of he survey there were 32 pregnant women who needed regular maternity advice and help. However, recently more IDPs have shifted to the Kemari Camp, and according to the RHs latest findings there are now 42 pregnant women, who are in need of regular maternity help. We had warned relevant departments including relevant NGOs about the sensitivity of the issue, and we ask them to please come forward and help these women, said President Roshni Helpline Muhammad Ali. The absence of a regular maternity advice and help to these women will result in mishaps such as deaths of these two newborns. It is dire need that these women should be helped. It is matter of saving their lives and lives of their children.