LAHORE - Race for getting compensation money is going on amongst some lawyers dishonestly as a list of more than 70 injured lawyers is already available with Lahore Bar Association (LBA) to distribute about Rs 3 million amongst those who got injured during their protest launched for transfer of ex-District and Session Judge Lahore Sheikh Zawar Ahmad, TheNation has learnt. Earlier, the Lahore High Court had announced Rs 3 million for the injured lawyers and Rs 2 million for the renovation of destroyed fixtures of Lahore Barroom as well as for the Aiwan-e-Adl. Apex court had also constituted a committee, which presented its report to the supreme court about the incident of police torture on lawyers who had shown their stance of getting Sheikh Zawar Ahmad as transferred due to his alleged misbehave with lawyers during proceedings. Sources privy to the Bar revealed that many lawyers who remained 'safe during incidents are currently in race for getting the compensation money dishonestly and LBA body is not ready to accept their false claims of injuries during the protests and fights with the police which was deputed to stop the lawyers from coming on roads. The lawyers had claimed and alleged that Sheikh Zawar Ahmad was continuously misbehaving with the lawyers during proceedings owing to which lawyers were forced to get him as transferred for sake of honour of senior and junior lawyers. Police also batten charged lawyers during protests due to which they were injured and arrested by police.