FURIOUS Cheryl Cole has come out fighting, insisting she no longer cares what anyone thinks of her. The Girl Aloud admitted her confidence fell to 'an all-time low and she considered going into therapy following her divorce from Ashley Cole, a bout of malaria - and criticism of her solo work. But she says she resisted the urge to 'stay at home and cry for a year and resolved to battle back. 'Ive stopped listening to other people. Ive had enough, Cheryl raged exclusively to ELLE magazine. 'Theres only so much you can cope with and then you either let it swallow you up or you say: Sod this, Ive had it with negativity and bitchiness. I want people to like my music but I couldnt say anything about what they think of me. Take it or leave it. I do not care. Yet when asked about her image, she conceded: 'I want to feel nice as a woman - and for women to think I look nice too. Fashion is armour, isnt it? And I need that armour. The 27-year-old refused to dish the dirt on her and dancer Derek Hough - but she did tell of 'struggling with demons and trying to deal with her divorce. 'Its frustrating at times, especially when somebody youve never seen before approaches you in a restaurant toilet with an opinion on your marriage, she said. Metro