ISLAMABAD - Aziz-ul-Haq, son of Maulvi Anwar-ul-Haq, a former Chief Justice of Pakistan who upheld the decision of the Lahore High Court that sentenced Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to death for the authorisation of the murder of a political opponent, objected to Abdul Hafeez Pirzada and Aitzaz Ahsan as amicus curiae in the case.

In his letter, written to Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, available with The Nation, he stated that Hafeez Pirzada and Aitzaz Ahsan, being the loyalists of PPP, could not be the genuinely amicus curiae in this Reference.

He mentioned that Pirzada was Law Minister in the then Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s government. He said that being a friend and confident he bulldozed through the National Assembly 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments, which attacked the judiciary’s powers & independence.

Pirzada, as Law Minister, had come to know about Justice Safdar Shah’s fake FA degree and after confirming the facts, sat on the information, he said. ‘Mr. Bhutto and Mr Pirzada used this information to pressurise (blackmail) Justice Safdar Shah during the appeal hearing’. Later, when the Supreme Judicial Council questioned Safdar Shah about the degree he not only resigned as judge of the Supreme Court and escaped from Pakistan, Aziz added.

With his history, Pirzada can never be a ‘friend of the court’ especially in this case, he said.

Regarding Aitzaz Ahsan, he wrote that Aitzaz was the then Minister in 1976-1977 but realising the vicious and undemocratic nature of Bhutto resigned as Minister, and joined Bhutto’s arch rival Asghar Khan’s party.

Aitzaz rejoined PPP in 1986 and became a born again Bhutto lover, and was rewarded Cabinet slot in Benazir Bhutto’s government. At present he is PPP Central Executive Committee member, Aziz said. On many occasions, in public and on TV, he has denigrated the judges and tried to deny or hide the fact that Justice Anwar ul Haq refused to take oath under General Zia’s PCO, he added.

‘His politically motivated false and mischievous accusations against past and present judges are well known’.

Aitzaz is a politician with a political agenda and as such he cannot he considered as an impartial ‘amicus curiae’ in this case, he further said.

Justice Anwar-ul-Haq’s son stated that the PPP government under President Zardari and through Babar Awan is carrying out a propaganda blitz, at tax payers expense, to erase the memory of ZA Bhutto’s brutal rule and to paint him and his family as victims.

In this process they have left no stone unturned to defame and malign honourable judges. These judges, despite vicious threats to themselves and their families, had the courage, based on solid evidence, to carry out their duty and punish the guilty persons including Z.A Bhutto, he said.

Politicians, lawyers and journalists are all concentrating on political angles and concocted stories of ‘unfair trial’, he added.

Not one of them seems to have read the Supreme Court judgment which details the motive and proof. Not one of them refers to the confession statements of the FSF office-bearers regarding the murder conspiracy, he said. The Full Bench, including Safdar Shah and Dorab Patel, rejected the review petition unanimously, he added.

‘His contention is that at that time eminent politicians, retired judges, lawyers and the public at large believed that justice had been done. The newspaper editorials at the time lauded the judgment and praised the court for being fearless’.

He further said:the Supreme Court is now being asked to ‘revisit’ the case when concerned witnesses, lawyers and judges are all gone. Even Bhutto praised the Supreme Court for giving him a just & fair hearing.

Aziz ul Haq stated in the letter that as the son of Justice Anwarul Haq, ‘I am aware of the events which took place during the appeal hearing. My parents and my own family bore the brunt of vicious threats hurled at us by the Bhutto family, PPP, some lawyers and judges. The judges were viciously maligned and threatened in 1979 through personal visits, signed letters and telephone calls by PPP party bearers’.