MULTAN - The lawyers staged a demonstration against federal and Punjab governments for not fulfilling their promise to establish a lawyer colony in Multan here on Thursday. A large number of black coats assembled inside district bar hall and marched up to Chowk Kutchery. Holding placards and banners inscribed with their demands, the protesters carried out non-stop sloganeering against the government. The demo was organized by Lawyers Colony Action Committee.

The speakers including Ch Azam Javed, president and Liaqat Ali Chohan general secretary of the committee said that the promise stood unfulfilled for the last 30 years as a result of which serious resentment prevailed among the lawyers. They asked the government to establish the colony and construct chambers for such lawyers who did not have offices. They further demanded of the government to appoint a doctor at district courts, who besides providing medical aid to the lawyers and their clerks, should refer serious cases to the hospitals. They warned that the lawyers would launch a big drive against government if it did not materialize its promises.