SADIQABAD - The district police have registered a case against dozens of CNG and transport owners and workers including their association leaders for blocking traffic, delivering instigative speeches against the government at Adda Khanpur, tehsil Rahim Yar Khan.

The case was registered against All Pakistan CNG Association Rahim Yar Khan President Waqar Ahmad Sindhu, General Secretary Naveed Akhtar, Murtaza Chandio, Mian Khalid, Manzoor Ahmad, Jamshed Kamboh, Muhammad Sharif, Imran Ashraf, Irfan Ashraf, Chaudhry Ashraf, Rizwan Bari, Boota, Shakir, Aslam, Hafeez, Riaz, Naeem, Fazal and Matloob Khan including 28 to 30 unknown accused.

A large number of transport workers, CNG dealers and employees had staged a protest demonstration against partial closure and increase in CNG tariff, suspending vehicular movement for hours by setting fire to old tyres at Adda Khanpur.

Talking to the media, the All Pakistan CNG Association office-bearers and filling stations owners pledged to continue protests until the government withdrew the recent increase in the CNG tariff and ended partial gas closure for the filling stations.

Addressing the protesters the APCNGA district president termed the recent hike in the gas price an economic murder of the people and said that it would not be tolerated. He was of the view that after the increase, a flood of price hike would hit the country whereby making more difficult the life of the poverty-stricken masses.

Moreover, he said, because of unavailability of gas hundreds of workers were likely to lose employments. He warned that the protest demonstrations would continue until the government took back its decision of gas price hike. Afterwards, transport owners said that owing to gas price hike, transport fairs would also increase significantly adding to the people’s miseries.