In his affidavit sent to Asma Jahangir, Gen Jones wrote, “Mr. Ijaz mentioned that he had a message from the ‘highest authority in the Pakistan government' which he asked me to relay to then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen," It means he accepts that memo was from the 'highest authority' in Pakistan and that authority in terms of protocol is the president. On other side, Mansoor Ijaz is not going to take it lying down as he has repeatedly said so. Hussain Haqqani in this game becomes the bait. If one looks at his past history of being a mega-opportunist and emotive survivor, he is going to link the dots to the presidency to save his skin. AAZ realises this fact; no wonder he targeted America indirectly and Chief Justice directly in his address of 27th December.


London, January 3.