LAHORE - Governor Latif Khosa seemed in a defiant mood on Thursday when he dared the judges, generals and the US, saying “none of these could sabotage the people’s rule in Pakistan.”  “The country has not been created for any undemocratic force; rather, it came into being for 190 million people,” he said while addressing a gathering of PPP activists at Governor’s House held to mark 84rd birth anniversary of party founder Z.A Bhutto.

Prime Minister and President of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Ch Abdul Hameed and Sardar Yaqoob Khan respectively were also in attendance besides PPP leaders including Jehangir Badr, Imtiaz Safdar Warraich, Sami Ullah Khan and others. Presence of charged PSF activists was conspicuous among the crowd. 

In continuation of his diatribe against the three forces he mentioned before, the governor said that powers active against democracy should know that people will protect the Constitution of Bhutto. “Judge’s rule will not rule the country; that of Constitution will,” he observed, adding, “The judge at 90-Shahra (an implicit reference to Shahbaz Sharif) and the USA must hear that people will not tolerate any unconstitutional move to dislodge the elected government.” According to him there was “peoples’ rule” in the country and democracy was moving on with “great fanfare.” He further stated that no world power could dare cast a malicious eye on Pakistan, as every child was ready to defend the mother land.

 Paying tributes to PPP founder, Z.A Bhutto, he said Bhutto was name of an ideology who laid the foundation of a democratic system by sacrificing his life. “He (Bhutto) buried the arrogance of dictators through his everlasting martyrdom”. Khosa also remembered the former prime minister of Pakistan for giving nuclear programme to the country and quoted his famous statement that “We can eat gross but continue with our N plan.” 

The governor also showed solidarity with the Kashmiris on this occasion, saying that Pakistan will not continue to support their cause all forums including the UN and will not hesitate from rendering any sacrifice if the need be. He cited Z.A Bhutto’s quote which said that “Kashmir is our jugular vein”

He said that January 5 was an important day in history as UN had passed the resolution in favour of Kashmiris on this day. The AJK Prime Minister Ch Abdul Majeed in his brief address appealed to Kashmiris living in Pakistan to strengthen the hands of party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Jehangir Badr said that PPP would continue to strive for social and economic revolution in line with the philosophy of Bhutto. PPP’s central Punjab President, Imtiaz Safdar Warraich recalled Bhutto’s services for the country and democracy with special mention of atomic programme. He said that PPP will maintain its present courageous posture to counter conspiracies against the PPP government.

Meanwhile, the PPP show at Governor House failed to impress President Zardari’s sister, Faryal Talpur who is staying at Governor House for the last over one week meeting party men from Lahore and other Punjab districts. Empty chairs in the rear were reflective of thin attendance by party jialas on the occasion.