ISLAMABAD – Newly-wed couple, Zita and Arpi, hailing from Hungary soon after their wedding decided to travel around the world on bicycles mainly for three purposes - to promote love and harmony among the different sects of people around the world, witness different sites, peoples and places and the most important of all it was purely about healthy purposes.

“We have started our long journey around the world on 11th of June 2011 and have since than visited 14 countries including Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Krkhstan, China and Pakista,” the happy couple revealed in an exclusive interview with TheNation here on Thursday.

Zita was particularly very excited while telling about her visit to Hunza valley. She said that Swat is a place like the heaven on earth and we really enjoyed staying at Hunza.

She further said, the people of Pakistan are very loving and caring, the amount of love and respect we are getting from the Pakistanis is hard to express in words, she further said, “We must like to thank the Pakistani security agencies’ role for providing us extra security throughout and they take well care of us.”

“We have heard a lot about the security issues and the people talk so much rubbish and tried to scare us by telling false stories regarding worsening security in Pakistan,” she said adding, “Let me assure everyone specially the West that Pakistan is completely safe for all kinds of sporting and visiting activities, we have now spend almost two months in Pakistan and we will travel to Lahore next where we will spend 4 days after that we will leave for India.”

They said, “We are already looking forward to visit Pakistan again, we will travel across the borders in next 1 year or so and then return to homeland, they both further said, we will like to say thanks to the Hungarian Embassy in Pakistan for their care and assistance and specially the embassy of Pakistan as they provided us visas without any delay and most importantly without going through unnecessary documentations.” They said that they have found Pakistan full of beautiful places and the people gave us tremendous amount of respect and lend us helping hand without even we asked for that.

‘We must accept one thing we could not have even dream about getting this amount of respect, care, love and guidance from the people of Pakistan,” they said.

Sharing about their experiences Zita and Arpi said, the finest moment of our travel was to cross the 4655 miles Pamira Highway (it is not highway in fact it is motorway but due to its height we called it highway) in Tajikistan.

When this correspondent ask them what does they feel is unique between Pakistan and other parts of the world, they both replied the bonded families is the main difference between the west and Pakistan, we must admit this country is blessed with people who care about their family values and remain together through thick and thin.

A thing, which we, the Western countries, are fast forgetting if we follow the same pattern and value our relations and try to keep our families together, we will soon be able to overcome all our problems and the divorce rate, which has already reached an alarming level can be controlled at a very short span of time.

The world must follow that example that every thing can be achieve through living together and value their customs, Zita and Arpi concluded.