There has been no charge pending against the Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, in the United States, so he was not at most wanted terrorist list of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the department said.

“Mullah Omar has no charges pending against him in the United States,” FBI spokesman, Joyce Riggs, told an Afghan based news agency.

 “The individuals on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist list have been charged in the United States,” Riggs said.

The FBI statement in response to s question came amidst reports of peace talks between the US and the Taliban.

 “As in all such conflicts there are folks who are not ready to come off the battlefield, and there are some who may be willing to consider doing so.  So we've said all along, and the Secretary (of State) said when she was in Afghanistan and Pakistan in October, that our policy would be to fight, to talk and to build, all at the same time,” the State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, said,

Even as the Us will continue to fight against those who attack and indulge in terrorist activities, it will try and hold talks with those who want peace. “You also support an Afghan-led process of talking with those who are prepared to truly talk towards reconciliation,” she said. 

 “Then the last piece, of course, which we never forget, is building, and that means building a better neighborhood around Afghanistan.  This goes to the Silk Road Initiative, where we're trying to encourage better neighborly relations among Afghanistan and its neighbors, particularly Pakistan, but the states on all sides, so that we can improve trade, improve cooperation, improve the lives of average people and, you know, defeat the incentives to terrorism and for violence,” Nuland said.