LAHORE – Syed Shahid Ali and Idris Haider Khawaja were elected President and Secretary respective of Punjab Olympic Association for a third successive term at a general council meeting on Thursday.

Shahid Ali presided over the meeting which elected office bearers smoothly for a fresh term of four years, expressing faith in the previous hierarchy.

The elected persons are Chief Minister Punjab (Patron in chief), Chief Secretary Punjab(Patron), Syed Shahid Ali (President), Iftikhar Ali Malik (SVP), Idris Haider Kh (Secy), Bashir A Gill (Treasurer); Ch M Shafiq, Kh Ahmad Hassan, Zoraiz Lashari, Malik AIftikhar Ahmad, Rana Mujahid Ali and Parveen Sikandar Gill (VPs), M Bashir Butt, M Yousaf Butt, Ch M Rizwan, Sajjad Asghar and Tania Malik (Associate Secretaries).

Individual members of general council nominated by the president are: M Latif Butt, Younas Shafiq, Nawaz Qasuri, Mian Waqar Ahmad, Zubair Butt and Kausar Shah while lady members are Ambreen Iftikhar Malik, Tania Malik, Abdia Tanveer, Humaira Mughal, Attiya Mumtaz and Farhat Malik.