KOT ADDU - A Nato oil tanker was snatched by armed men in Sultan Colony here.

The oil tanker (615 TLT) was on its way to Kabul from Karach when armed persons got controlled of the tanker near Sultan Colony, tied the driver and helper with a rope, threw them in the nearby fields and drove away the tanker filled with 52,000 litters of oil.

OIL STOLEN: In another incident, Muna Shiekh, Goga Shiekh and Younas Gujjar with their companions allegedly stole oil from another tanker (6590 DGT) parked at the outhouse of one Akram Chawan.

FARMER ATTACKED: Five armed men attacked the house of a cultivator and injured his mother and sister over a land dispute. The dispute is going on between Younas Jat and Ajmal Siyaal in chak 537 TDA. Younas’ wife Allah Rakhi was present in the house while her daughter Khalida and sons Abdur Rahman and Farhan when Ajmal with his accomplices namely Ahsan, Akmal, Rashid and Freed entered into the house and beat up them with sticks.

PTI RALLIES: The PTI will take out protest rallies against price hike and loadshedding of gas and electricity on Friday (today).

PTI Tehsil President Abdul Khaliq Qamar said that on the directions of his Southern Punjab leadership, protest rallies will be taken out on district and tehsil levels. The rally will start on at 3.00 pm after Friday prayers under PTI leaders Imran Rafiq Butter, Mian Shahid Mustafa Qureshi, Shafiq Khan and Tayyab Ali Mujahid. It will pass through the GT Road and culminate at the Thana Chowk in front of the Kot Addu Press Club.