NAROWAL - The police succeeded in securing the release of the family of a serviceman who was taken hostage by an armed man after six hours long negotiation here in Bajjar village, situated in the remit of Shakargrah Police the other morning.

Reportedly, the family of a serviceman namely Muhammad Ghulam Rasool, a resident of Bajjar village, Tehsil Shakargrah was taken hostage by an armed man in the wee of Wednesday. The ‘culprit’ entered the house by scaling the wall of the house and took the inmate hostage. Meanwhile, neighbours noted some suspicious movements in the house and reported the matter to the police. The Shakargrah Police sprang into action and rushed to rescue the family but found that an armed man had taken the family members hostage. The police asked the accused to surrender but he refused, prompting the police to call in more personnel who besiege the house.

Later after six hours long dialogue between the police and the accused, the accused surrendered to the police.

The police arrested him and took his weapon into custody. Shakargarh Police SHO Asif Nadeem told the media that the accused had been identified as Muhammad Boota, son of Muhammad Javaid, a resident of village Chak Amru, Tehsil Shakargarh. He said that the police were investigation the incident to unfold the mystery surrounded the saga.