NANKANA SAHIB - The state is responsibility for controlling social evils such as gambling but the law enforcers are playing a role of silent spectators as gabling is at its peak across the country especially in the district during cricket matches.

During the ongoing India-Pakistan cricket series being held in India, gambling is in full swing in the city without any fear of the police or any other law enforcement agencies. Bookies are busy exploiting the poor and daily wagers perhaps with free hand from the police. In the first match held between the two teams, the gambling rate was good being India favorite and the bookies made very handsome money as Pakistan won the match. However, the police have failed to control the illegal practice and arrest any bookie.

Sources said that some political leaders were patronising these bookies who attract common masses to be involved in gambling thereby increasing also other crimes like fraud, theft, dacoity and highway robbery.

Public, religious and effected families have demanded that the regional police officer and the district police officer should control the increasing gambling activities in the city. They demanded that immediate crackdown should be launched on bookmakers and gabling points.