LAHORE – Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP) president Talal Akbar Bugti on Saturday raised question on the efficiency and purpose of secret agencies if ‘arms and money is being pumped in Balochistan from outside.’

Addressing a press conference along with Jamat-e-Islami Ameer Syed Munawar Hasan at Mansoora, the Baloch leader said holding elections on time was important for the security, solidarity and sovereignty of the country, adding that ruling elite in Islamabad and Quetta were plundering the country with both hands and were ready to go in exile if anything happened to the country. Bugti, who is in Lahore these days, called on Munawar Hasan and discussed the matters of bilateral interests with him.

Talal Bugti said elections were vital to stop the unrestrained corruption of 65 ministers in Balochistan. He indicated that over 144,000 votes in Dera Bugti were not registered while over three hundred thousand voters in other parts of Balochistan were not registered and would be deprived of their right to franchise. He said FC was removed from some parts only to hoodwink the masses and the world while the army and FC was stationed in thousands of kilometers area including those belonging to Bugtis.

Munawar Hasan has warned that the massive display of sudden pangs of constitutional violations by a Canadian national who lived luxurious life for six years in exile could not be staged without the help of establishment. “It is time that establishment must remember that people of Pakistan would not allow any formula to delay or postpone elections,” he said. He called upon all patriotic forces to join hands on a single point agenda to block the march of undemocratic forces, and to set up a grand political alliance for the purpose. He said president Zardari was primarily responsible for all the undemocratic and unconstitutional trampoline somersaults being witnessed by the country, and now his political allies were launching long marches against his government despite enjoying power corridors for the last five years. He said that if Zardari had not allowed MQM to blackmail him for the last five years, things would have been much different now. He demanded that polls must be held on time under any circumstances since having elections for thousand times was better than no elections.