The phrase rebels without a cause strikes instantly the moment one hears about the young doctors whose banditry yet again left the patients in the lurch. It surely is a crying shame that the YDA took to the streets for a ‘cause’ that was downright sordid; behind their protests was the demand for the release of a few colleagues, who as the footage showed, behaved almost as though they were bandits, thrashing up a senior official of a hospital and roughing up even the media men. Instead of letting the authorities deal with the hoodlums, the YDA itself took on the role of outlaws. A three-day long strike with frequent threats like ‘we would pack up the entire healthcare system’ is a severe indictment of the state of discipline within their ranks. It appears they have developed a flair for making a fuss out of nothing. Perhaps they have mistakenly come to think that since they could easily flex their muscle to have salary structures of their choice, they could bend everything to their will.

Now the strike has ended not out of doctors’ compassion for the patients but after strong action by the government and petition in the LHC calling for cancellation of their licences. It is high time someone told them that health comes under the category of essential services, where waywardness of the sort is a highly serious offence.