Militant commander Mullah Nazir was killed in a US drone strikes in South Waziristan, killing him is astonishing news as he was the only commander who was supporting our government’s efforts against militant groups, and he was considered the government’s biggest supporter in the area. Only weeks ago he survived a suicide attack from his rival Hakimullah Mehsud.

He had ordered the removal of all militants belong to Hakimullah group, most of them are involved in heinous crimes against the government. Mullah Nazir also signed a peace agreement with the government and agreed that he would not allow militants to use his area against them. For the last several years, his area has been calm and peaceful, compared to North Waziristan, no major attacks were reported against government forces. His death is a big blow for peace efforts in the area and revenge attacks can make things bad in the future.

According to observers the timing of the recent drone attacks is very significant; only days ago militants had offered peace negotiations to government and the government and Pakistan Army were also seeing peaceful solution to end the ten years of bloodshed in the country and had agreed to negotiate with the militants to control growing militancy and raising suicide attacks in the country. This untimely drone attack, and killing of Mullah Nazir will affect these peace negotiations.

Some years ago, peace agreement with another militant group suddenly collapsed, after the killing of another militant commander Naik Mohammed, is USA deliberately keeping Pakistan from having some peace in the area? Why are people who are helping in peace negotiations on their hit list? If these drones are flown from somewhere close to Pakistan our Air Force should intercept them and shoot them down to save Pakistan.


Jeddah, January 3.