BAHAWALPUR -Leader of the Movement for Restoration of Bahawalpur Province, Muhammad Ali Durrani, said that why delay is being made when both the ruling parties - the PPP and PML-N - are agreed on the restoration of Bahawalpur, threatening that if they were forced to hold a long march for the purpose, it would not stop without the fulfilment of the purpose.

He demanded that the Punjab chief minister and the governor should restore Bahawalpur province instead of making announcements before the general elections of 2013. He said that the people of Bahawalpur were questioning that if Governor Makhdoom Ahmad Mehmood, the representative of Pakistan People's Party, and CM Shahbaz Sharif, the representative of Pakistan Muslim League, are agreed on the restoration, why it is not being restored.

"Who is hatching conspiracy to stop the restoration? Why both the parties are not taking serious steps in this regard?" he said. He added, "Restoration of Bahawalpur had become the purpose of our lives and we are ready to pay any cost for it even we are ready to scarifies our lives for it. We are demanding our right for the the Cholistanis who are deprived of water, medicines and employment."

He blamed that some leaders were using the cause for their personal interests and getting seats and tickets by selling the cause but the people of Bahawalpur will not forgive them. He said that the local people would never be happy with only statements. He said, "I started the movement and will never allow anybody to use it for the political benefit. He said that the parties which passed the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st amendments and resolution for the restoration of Bahawalpur province were creating hurdles in the restoration. We will not tolerate the cruelty and injustice. People of Bahawalpur will snatch their right by force."

PPP contradicts news item: The Pakistan People's Party (PPP) has contradicted the news item published in a section of press regarding issuance of a show cause notice to PPP South Punjab Vice President Hassan Askari Sheikh by the leadership. PPP District General Secretary Ali Ahsan in a press statement issued here the other day termed the news item baseless and fabricated.

He said that Hassan Askari Sheikh belongs to a family which was one of the founders of the PPP in Bahawalpur district. His late father former MNA Shujaullah Sheikh served the party as district president in dictator Zia regime.

MASS CONTACT CAMPAIGN: PTI leader Sahibzada Usman Abbasi along with his brother Sahibzada Umer Abbasi have started mass contact campaign in the area for the upcoming general elections. The PTI circles said that both would contest upcoming election on Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf platform.

Meanwhile, PTI local leaders including Ch Tariq Iqbal, Abdul Basit Shikrani and Imran Akakhel held a meeting with Usman Abbasi and urged him to establish the PTI office in city. Agenda for the meeting was the upcoming general elections and different strategies were discussed in the meeting. On the occasion, they gave suggestions regarding mobilisation of people in the prevailing political scenario.