HAFIZABAD - Three persons including a woman died separately. According to police source, Falah Sher, a handicapped, was asleep in his house. Meanwhile, a fire erupted and engulfed the whole room. He received serious burns and died before any medical aid could be provided for him.

Similarly, Naziran Bibi received serious burns when fire erupted in her room in which she was asleep. She died on the spot. According to another report, Ijaz Ahmad of Jalalpur Bhattian was killed on the spot when a tractor-trolley hit his bike on Pindi Bhattian Road.

Arshad Gujjar, the principal of the Sir Syed Scholars Inn, has died due to cardiac arrest. He was brother-in-law of renown journalist Adnan Malik. He was laid to rest in the local graveyard on Vanike Road. The funeral was attended by a large number of journalists, political and social workers of the district.

DBA elections: The election board of District Bar Association of Hafizabad announced that the bar elections would be held on January 12.

As the board invited nomination paper for different slots. The following persons have filed their nomination papers for different slots: Rana Akbar Ali for the office of president; Syed Asim Masood Bukhari for vice president and Asif Ali Chadhar; Malik Muhammad Zulfiqar Awan; and Haji Muhammad Imran Ahmad Khan.

The rival group of DBA led by Syed Nasir Hussain Sherazi who claimed to be President of DBA has also constituted another election board consisting of Qazi Tauqeer Ahmad Khan, Altaf Asghar Bhatti and Khalid Mehmood Bhuller and announced last date for filing nomination paper of January 2.