LAKKI MARWAT – The district health department confirmed on Saturday a fresh polio case in Mohallah Michenkhel, locality of Lakki, raising the number of cases to three in the last year’s data in the district.

Muhammad Sadiq’s son Muhammad Shezad, an eleven months infant suffered from weakness in all his four limbs (arms and legs) and neck muscles.  The child was taken to a local physician who treated him for malaria.

Then he was referred to a child specialist in Peshawar after thoroughly examined by another doctor in Lakki city. The child, however, did not recover.

A health official said that a local resident brought the child’s paralyse/weakness in limbs and neck muscles story into the notice of tehsil monitor Damsaz Khan who reported the matter to officials concerned.

He said that stool sample of Shezad was collected on November 30 last year and the diagnosis in laboratory confirmed he was hit by poliovirus.

Mohallah Michenkhel of Lakki city is situated in high-risk urban union council-II for having over 140 polio refusal cases and population of nomad families.

“The affected Shezad has received doses in over seven rounds of anti polio drives”, said the official quoting his mother as saying. The fresh case recorded in last year’s data raised the number of polio cases to three in the district.

Official told that under quick response strategy the health department would carry out routine immunisation in union council-II and other parts of Lakki city.