RAWALPINDI – A severe and chilly weather coupled with zero gas pressure has doubled the miseries of people in many areas of the city.

Similarly, fog continuously enveloping the plains of the district, intensifying the problems of road users and disrupting trains schedule. Reportedly, an infant and a one-and-half-year old baby girl died of cold at Khatana Village, area of Police Station (PS) Saddar Berooni.

Meanwhile, a sharp increase in the prices of wooden fuel, coals, eggs and chicken, the items mostly used by citizens to avoid from chilly weather, is also witnessed.

The areas where people bracing to zero gas pressure included Morgah, Kotha Kalan, Jhamra, Jari, Officers Colony, Gulshanabad, Dhoke Noor, Kalyal, Shahpur, Deghal, Adyala, Maira, Jorian, Hayyal, Dhamyal, Chakri Road, Quaid-e-Azam Colony, Dhoke Seydan, Baraf Khana Chowk, Chakra, Misrial Road, Peshawar Road, several localities of Pirwadhai, Raja Bazaar, City Saddar Road, Mareer, Chah Sultan, Mumtaz Market, Dhama Seydan, Khatana Village, Tulsa Village, Dheri Hassan Abad, Bakra Mandi, Tahli Mohri and many other areas.

Talking to TheNation on Saturday, Babu Ghulam Murtaza, the grandfather of the infant, said that the area locals have been facing low gas pressure for last one month with number of complaints they made to SNGPL high-ups but in vain. He said that his grandson Hashir Murtaza aged one month died of severe cold. “At 2am, my daughter-in-law asked me to burn some stove as the baby is shivering with cold. I tried to light the gas heather but pressure was too much low that it could not catch fire”. He appealed to the government to take pity on the state of poor people and end gas loadshedding.

Similarly, a little girl was also died of cold in the same locality 10 days ago. However, her parents denied talking to media when contacted.

On the other hand, people across the district faced the wrath of dipping mercury, as the cold wave further intensified in several parts of the country.

Amir Riaz, a labourer at Dheri, said that bone chilling cold has made their life miserable. He said that his children have been sick with cold while there was no gas available in his house. “I cannot afford coal or woods to burn to keep my house warm in chill. The government and SNGPL should resolve the issue of low pressure of gas” he added.

Schoolchildren and office goers were leaving their housed with empty stomachs as it was very difficult to burn the stove to prepare breakfast owing to low pressure of gas, Nazir Awan of Adyala said.