LAHORE – In the meeting of Aitchison College Board of Governors (BoG), Punjab Governor Makhdum Syed on Saturday vowed to revive the standard and glory of the prestigious college.

The meeting was held at the Governor House in which the BoG agreed to implement a complete ban on smoking and cell phones in class rooms and that attendance of the students should be ensured completely.

On the occasion, the governor said that the glory and the dignity of Aitchison College would have to be restored and revived at any cost and standard of education, admission and the appointments of the faculty would not compromised.

He said that the institution should not only produce good students but better human being.

In the meeting it was also decided that up-gradation of academic standard in the Aitchison Collage at par with the acclaimed international institution. It was further decided that admissions should be on merit and any violation in this regard would not be tolerated. Also, it was suggested that an endowment fund should be established with the help of old Atchisonians to support and help the poor but intelligent students.

Furthermore, it was decided that the appointments of the faculty will be publicised with transparently.

Adding to academic structure, it was agreed that it was the duty of the faculty to teach the students basic etiquettes which were the foundation of real gentlemen.

The meeting was attended by Shamim Saifullah Khan, Principal Atchison Collage, Iftikhar Ahmed Malik, Vice Principal and BoG members namely Syed Babar Ali, Sardar Yar Muhammad Jamali, Justice Yahya Afridi, Yawar Badar, Secretary Punjab Higher Education Ijaz Munir, Secretary Finance Tariq Bajwa, Brig. Mujahid Hussain, Acting GOC 10 Div and Maj. Gen Sahibzada Isfandiyar Pataudi.