Shahzeb Khan, the only son of his parents, studying media in Greenwich University was murdered in Defence area of Karachi. Shahzeb had come to Pakistan on winter vacations; he was murdered because he raised his voice when his sister was teased by a servant living in his apartment building. The servant’s boss who is from feudal family of Sindh, got involved in the brawl and killed him, knowing that their family name gave them immunity to kill without repercussions.

According to reports Shahzeb Khan’s father, despite being a DSP couldn’t do anything against his son’s killers. The accused are still at large, some reports claimed that they have escaped into interior Sindh. It is a pity that a 21 year old student is killed and police can’t do anything. PML-N, MQM and PTI have shown concern about the case and have demanded justice. But it is hoped that these political parties will also protest if the murderers are not caught. It is high time people in Pakistan come out on the streets in support of Shahzeb Khan.


Karachi, December 29.