SAHIWAL - District Police Officer Syed Muntazir Mehdi said that the key role of the police and the media is to root out the social evils therefore they were determined to eradicate crime from the society.  After assuming the charge as DPO, he said that the media always enjoyed cordial relations with the police. He said that the media persons before publishing a story should get it confirmed from his office and urged them to report the truth only.  "Our purpose is not to create panic and frustration among the masses. As cases will be registered without delay, definitely crime rate will decrease. No negligence in this regard will be tolerated," said the DPO. "We could not treat cancer with the pills used to cure headache."

He said that performance of the CIA and investigation department will be improved. He said that his door was open to every person. He directed all the station house officers to remain in their offices for minimum two hours daily to ensure justice to the masses. He said that the people should feel a sense of protection in the police stations.