The natural resources of any country are its wealth; these valuable resources are found under the surface of the earth, in the mountains or in the seabed. They are a country’s asset as they help in the economic progress largely. There are very few countries with enough natural resources to fulfill their needs; amazingly Pakistan is one of them!

Pakistan is rich in all types of natural resources: coal, gas, oil to name just a few. Unfortunately, we are not making any use of them; instead we are wasting them. Pakistan is surrounded by neighbours who cannot see it progressing; regrettably they invest heavily in our destruction. If we ponder upon our problem, the first one that comes to mind is continuous, back breaking loadshedding. Our natural resources can easily provide enough energy to fulfill our needs. The economy of Pakistan is getting worse every day, we need people at the helm who care for what happens to Pakistan and are looking towards to a better future for the coming generations.

We are short of basic needs, our exchequers are empty and there are hefty loans to payback. There is an abundance of gas and oil but no drilling is done. Our politicians as a whole are only looking to lining their own pockets. On a personal note our rupee has lost its buying power and we can barely make ends meet, but if we are careful and frugal we may end up having a better country and a better home than most. If we turn off unnecessary electrical appliances, when not in use, we can save a great deal, turn off government offices electricity when they are not in the office etc. We need to bring a positive change in our thinking and planning to conserve valuable natural resources. Our leaders along with the public should realise the importance of natural resources and make effective use of them.


Lahore, December 28.