KARACHI - The Karachi Electric Supply Company has warned for possible increase in the duration of electricity loadshedding in the metropolis due to lowest gas supply from Sui Southern Gas Company here on Saturday.

According to details, the Sui Southern Gas Company used to provide gas from 150mmcfd to 120mmcfd for last couple of days. But the gas supply has reached 80mmcfd which badly affected the power generation of KESC’s gas turbines.

KESC believed that shortfall of gas would increase loadshedding at least 8 to 10 hours in some residential and commercial areas.

The KESC spokesperson has confirmed that the gas supply has badly affected the power generation due to the gas supply reduction.

He also warned that exempted areas including services such as hospitals, industries and water pumping stations will be affected because of the gas shortfall.

He appealed to the Advisor to Prime Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources, Dr Asim Hussain to immediately restore the previous level of the gas supply and save the city consumers from massive loadshedding.

The power utility said that it had earlier asked the SSGC to spare it from gas cuts by following the recently announced GOP policy on gas allocation, under which the power sector was given the second highest priority after domestic customers.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the outbreak of measles, the College of Family Medicine Pakistan offered to work for the EPI and other programmes in the primary healthcare.

This was pointed out in a joint statement issued here on Saturday by the Secretary General of CFMP, Karachi, Dr. Aziz Khan Tank, and SPHCA secretary general Dr Abdul Ghaffar Shoro.

It was pointed out that there are 130,000 family doctors in the country. It further said that all over the world the primary healthcare was the domain of the GPs/family doctors.