KARACHI - The Chairman PALPA Institute of Aviation and Management Sciences (PIAMS), Captain Suhail Baloch has said that Pakistan’s first institute for aviation studies is striving to bridge the knowledge-gap of the country’s professionals.

Addressing an introductory session on first Masters degree in business aviation, he maintained that our inability to keep pace with the evolving trends of international aviation and the knowledge-gap of our aviation professionals has been identified as a major factor contributing to the decline of Pakistan’s aviation industry.

Specially useful for the PIA, the national flag carrier, which was once a symbol of national pride and was known all over the world for excellence, he added.

He said that in the current scenario, the establishment of PIAMS is a breath of fresh air and provides hopes for the revival of the local aviation industry.

He was of the view that although a number of private airlines have sprung up in recent years and have begun domestic and international operations, Pakistan’s commercial aviation sector, once a thriving and vibrant industry, is facing multiple challenges today.

He hoped that PIAMS would fill the void of an educational institute in the field of aviation management and to become a vital exponent for the revival of Pakistan’s aviation industry in the years to come.