ISLAMABAD - Muhammad Afzal Kohistani, brother of three deceased young men, filed an application in the Supreme Court on Saturday with a plea to reopen suo moto proceedings in the killing of five women in Kohistan over video scandal and urged the court to take action against Hazra administration for misleading the apex court in the matter.

Afzal contended that his three brothers were also killed by those behind the murder of five girls on Jan 3, 2013, claiming his brothers’ assassination is part of the video scandal.

According to media, at a ceremony a day ago in Gujrawala Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has said when the murder of Afzal’s brothers came to his knowledge, the court will reopen the suo moto forthwith if approached by the aggrieved party.

Afzal contended that on the publicity of video of five dancing girls and boys, a Jirga was convened by the opposite party in which it was decided to kill the dancing girls and his brothers, appeared in the video.

Muhammad Afzal reiterated that in response to Jirga verdict girls were slaughtered upon which he raised issue in electronic and print media saying his brothers would also perish in case timely action is not taken.

The Court had taken suo motu notice over the hue and cry of Muhammad Afzal on June 6, 2012 and ordered concerned authorities to produce the girls before the court and also formed a judicial commission to probe the matter and later disposed of the case with findings the matter would be reopened if evidence produced in the court.

The applicant pleaded that concerned authorities failed in producing girls before the court as DIG and Commissioner Hazara were of the view that no killing of girls has taken place saying Afzal has hatched a conspiracy.

Afzal contended, “On January 01, 2013 at about 1:00 PM the persons from Azad Khail tribe, relatives of the killed ladies family appeared in the video, launched attack on my home at village Gadar Tehsil Palas District Kohistan which resulted in a brutal and gruesome death of his three brothers as revenge”.

He further said that his stance at that time was that five girls have been murdered and the killers shall kill his five brothers, which proved right and the stance taken by the government at that time proved incorrect.

“That my three brothers were done to death and about five ladies got injured and the killers were trying to burn the that bodies but the local people rescued,” Afzal contended.

He said that DIG and Commissioner Hazara kept on extending threats that in case he raised the issue again in the media, his whole family shall have the same fate as that of his deceased brothers.

“I and my family have no confidence in the local police of District Kohistan and the Government of KPK of provision of justice and a speedy justice is only expected from your lordship,” the applicant maintained.

Afzal said that he and his other three brothers are also on the hit list of the opponents and local police and apprehended that they shall also be killed as the family members of the girls have decided to kill my entire family.

He prayed the court that the killers of my brothers be dealt with iron hand and legal action be taken on misrepresentation of the facts by DSP Pattan for facilitating the accused.