The Supreme Court of Pakistan had graciously admitted a Constitutional Petition No.122 in response to my letter published in The Nation of 01-08-2012 titled ‘6000 On Death Row.’ This case pertained to the 6,000 condemned prisoners awaiting a decision, of their mercy petition to the President for the last 4 years. The hearing of the petition was fixed for 22-11-2012 at 9:00am or soon afterwards as per the convenience of the honourable court.

However I sat in Court Room No.4 from 8:30am, while the honourable Judges walked into the court room at 9:45am, comprising of three member’s bench as per cause list. The Attorney General, who was supposed to be the respondent in my case, was nowhere to be seen. The bench withdrew for tea at 11:0am but was replaced by a special bench comprising of four Judges who assembled at 11:30am to hear Islamabad High Court case with the Attorney General attending. He said that since Sunday 22 was a holiday, the honourable Judges ought to have observed it but the Judges said that they had followed the directions of Chief Justice and could work even on a Sunday. The hearing of special bench continued past 1:00 pm with no inkling as to the Constitutional Petition No. 122 being heard or not.

I had incurred an expenditure of Rs. ten thousand to come to Islamabad on 21-11-2012 by road and stayed till 22nd afternoon with no hearing of Constitution Petition No. 122. Thoroughly dismayed, I returned to Lahore and authorised a legal counsel to follow the case on my behalf as I, being a senior citizen of 83 cannot undertake repeated arduous journeys to Islamabad. It would have been advisable to make it certain for the prescribed bench to hear my petition in time on 22-11-2012 as intimated.


Lahore, November 28.