KHANEWAL - Traders Chamber President Inam Qureshi, General Secretary Muhammad Ashraf Paracha and Senior Vice President Arif Qureshi have said that there are not differences between the Mepco and trading community of the district and condemned the so called leaders of Kissan Ittehad convincing the farmers and others to not clear the Mepco dues.  They were talking to the media here the other day.

Ashraf Paracha disclosed that according to the Mepco Xen, the company had to recover Rs150 million from defaulters in the district.  "If people do not realise their national responsibilities and not clear dues in time, how it will be possible for the Wapda to pay the private sector for power generation," he question. 

The Trader Chamber demanded the government to solve the issues between the Mepco and Kissan Ittehad.  They also demanded the Mepco high-ups to take steps to minimize the loadshedding.     –Reporter