KARACHI- Claiming that land of Sindh was like his mother which could not be partitioned and his previous remarks were taken out of context, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain Sunday said Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), if could not give rights to all people, should give a Sindh number one to the people who supported it, and a Sindh number two to the other people who did not support it.

Addressing a big rally at Gulshan-e-Iqbal in wake of upcoming LG polls, MQM chief using lots of ‘ifs and buts’ demanded the PPP to abolish quota system in the province. He said the world would judge the performance of Sindh number one and Sindh number two.

He said, “I used ‘ifs and buts’ in Hyderabad speech.” clarifying his earlier remarks about the partition of Sindh, he said several anchor persons were misguiding the masses by presenting his speech in wrong context and if they did not change their attitude people would slap on their faces. He said MQM elected the people from middle and lower middle classes.

He further said that it was regrettable that anchorpersons and columnists speaking or writing in favour of the MQM were labeled as ‘sold out’.

“I request anchor persons, political analysts, journalists, new reporters and each participant to note my current speech in the correct context,” Altaf added.

MQM was always blamed for taking revenge but Muttahida believed in forgiving, he said. When army operation was launched against MQM on June 19, 1992, numerous people distributed sweets and staged Bhangras (Dance) in their offices. MQM should have kicked them out if party carried out the revenge policy, Altaf clarified.

Altaf said there was no need to fear, legitimate voice could not be suppressed with power, MQM and its supporters never feared, he said. Altaf said MQM supporters and workers were ready to face all troubles while the workers who remained stable during the army operation were still alive and ready.

The distribution of resources should be done on merit, ignoring the merit would break the hearts of millions of people and it would develop a sense of inferiority in the masses. This frustration would force them to fight for their rights which would result in bloodshed. Lastly, the matter could be settled through dialogues on table.

Using the terms of ‘Sindh number one’ and ‘Sindh number two’, he suggested the PPP’s provincial government to officially declare the same as they had already done so practically with their action. He said let PPP Sindhis owner of Sindh number one and the remaining Pakthoons, Sindhis, Kashmiris, Baloch, Punjabis and Urdu-speaking people owner of Sindh number two.

He said he did not demand the division of Sindh province but the leaders of the various political parties went all out against his speech declaring it a treason.

Quoting examples of various political parties and politicians, MQM chief said, “If the ANP leaders say we will tear apart those who will build Kalabagh Dam into pieces and bomb away the country, then it is acceptable”.

Altaf said some days ago Maulana Siraj of Jamaat-e-Islami had said that if the federal government did not give Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) its due share of resources, the people should get prepared for a December 16, 1971-like, situation.

He said all that was acceptable and no one made noise over these statements.

Lashing out JI chief Munawar Hassan, he said Munwar called Hakimullah Mehsud as shaheed (martyred) who slaughtered Pakistan army personnel was killed in a drone strike.

Altaf reminded, “Who got the NFC Award for Sindh, PPP or MQM?” “Who stopped the Kalabagh Dam from being built, PPP or MQM? If MQM would have taken stand for the establishment of Kalabagh Dam it would be unstoppable. He claimed that PPP member will eventually join other political parties.

Calling PPP killer of Bhutto, he said, ‘Jiyalas’ betrayed their leaders and left the PPP in lurch on the other hand, “I have been in exile for 24 years now but my party has stood by me”.

Talking about the delimitations, he said PPP deliberately delimited constituencies to win a victory for the party.

MQM had no option but to move the courts and Sindh High Court verdict exposed PPP intention.

Itwas need of the hour that we should accept each other and unity can only bring the country for the hot waters, he concluded.